PYNQ-Z1 Python Productivity for Zynq, a small board for embedded systems that support PYNQ

■ This is an article posted on June 2016, 12, so the content of the information may be out of date.

Small board for PYNQ-compatible embedded system on Unipos website PYNQ-Z1 Python Productivity for Zynq Page has been added.

PYNQ-Z1 is a small board that supports "PYNQ" which is an open source project for designing embedded systems using Zynq, SoC released by Xilinx. You can build various embedded systems using Python and libraries.

An example of use:

Computer vision / industrial control / IoT / drone / encryption / embedded computing acceleration / real-time processing

[PYNQ-Z1 board details]

Processor: Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9
FPGA: 1.3M reconfigurable gates
Memory: 512MB DDR3/FLASH
Storage: Micro SD card slot
Video: HDMI In and HDMI Out
Audio: Mic in, Line out
Network: 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Expansion: USB Host connected to ARM PS
Interfaces: 1x Arduino Header, 2x Pmods (49 GPIOs)
GPIO: 16 GPIO (65 in total with Arduino and Pmods)
Other I / O: 6x User LEDs, 4x Pushbuttons, 2x Switches
Dimensions: 3.44 ″ x 4.81 ″ (87mm x 122mm)