Computer diagnostic / benchmark software "AIDA64"

■ This is an article posted on June 2017, 4, so the content of the information may be out of date.

Computer diagnostic / benchmark software on Unipos website AIDA64 Page has been added.

AIDA64Is a benchmark software for computer detailed parameter collection, diagnostics, and performance measurement. With excellent hardware detection capabilities, it provides detailed information on over 185,000 hardware devices. AIDA64 Business and Network Audit, which have the functions of collecting and managing inventory information of computers connected to the corporate network, are also provided.

AIDA64 Extreme
Benchmark software for diagnosing problems and measuring performance on your computer and installed software.

AIDA64 Engineer
Diagnostic / benchmark software for engineers for workstations and servers.

AIDA64 Business
Comprehensive IT asset management solution.In addition to computer diagnostic and benchmarking functions, it collects and manages inventory information of hardware and software connected to the corporate network.In addition, when an unnecessary event occurs, it notifies the network administrator in real time and supports PC management with remote monitoring and remote control.

AIDA64 Network Audit
Network inventory solution. Collects inventory information of hardware and software connected to the corporate network (no benchmark function or remote management function is provided).

Tegara Corporation is an authorized reseller of AIDA64.