Small sensor type Neuron motion capture system "NOITOM Perception Neuron Studio etc."

On the Unipos website, a small sensor type Neuron motion capture system "NOITOM Perception Neuron Studio etc."Added.

As the company name derives from the reverse spelling of "MOTION", NOITOM specializes in motion capture technology and is a manufacturer striving to expand applications such as game development, VFX, virtual reality, and animation.

Perception neuronIs a motion capture that reads human movements with a small sensor attached to the whole body. A small chip "Neuron" sensor with a microprocessor, which has a built-in IMU (inertial measurement device) equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, reads the movements of each part such as the head, arms, and legs, and displays them on the PC screen. The movement is reflected in the character model of. Motion data can be recorded and output with dedicated software.

As of May 2020, a high-end model motion sensor `` Perception Neuron Studio '' that can connect up to 5 units (5 persons / maximum 5 units with gloves attached), Perception Neuron Studio exclusive gloves `` Neuron Studio Gloves '', professional specifications We have motion capture "Perception Neuron Pro" and low cost and versatile standard "Perception Neuron 3".

About Perception Neuron Motion Capture

Product type:

・ Perception Neuron Studio
・ Neuron Studio Glove
・ Perception Neuron Pro
・ Perception Neuron 2.0

Major features:

・ Small chip with microprocessor "NEURON"
NEURON, a small sensor with a built-in IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer, is extremely compact and lightweight, but it can move your arms, move your body, and move your fingertips. Capture the required movement.

・ Flexibility
You can wear the NEURON sensor on your body or fingers using gloves or a strap. You can also change the number of NEURON sensors for the accuracy of the capture.
Depending on the model, the number of connected units, installation location, and data transfer method differ, but for example, it connects to a PC via a USB cable or WiFi and captures the operation in real time.

・ High versatility
We can meet a variety of needs from standard ones such as researchers, game developers and VR developers to professional applications. It also supports BVH streaming, FBX output, and Raw data output via wired with a USB cable and Wi-Fi wireless.

Example of use:

Boxing athlete / Live and dance performance / Stair climbing / Running and jumping / Movie / animation production and game development / VTuber / Use in robotics etc.

Compatible software:

Perception Neuron can be used to integrate into various workflows including 3D software applications

- 3D SOFTWARE: Maya, 3ds Max, Motionbuilder, iClone
– ERGONO MICS / BIOMECHANICS: ScakeFit, NAWO Live, Biomechanics of Bodies (BoB)

■ Perception Neuron Studio

High-end model that achieves improved sensor accuracy and anti-magnetism with completely wireless. NEURON, a small sensor that can be attached to the whole body, has low latency (5ms or less) and a maximum output rate of 240Hz, and can capture smoother movements. * If you use "Neuron Studio Gloves", which is an optional accessory (sold separately), you can capture the motion of both fingers in addition to the whole body.

Main Specifications:

Neuron sensor
Size: 43 x 33 x 20 (mm)
Weight: 18.9 g
Dynamic range: 360 deg
Accelerometer range: ± 32 g
Gyroscope range: ± 2000 dp

Size: 132 x 109 x 25 (mm)
Weight: about 485g
Maximum number of connected sensors: 17 (whole body) / 29 (whole body + finger)
* The number of finger connections is via a USB 2.0 (full-speed) or Ethernet connection with a PC when using the optional Neuron Studio Gloves
RF output: 20 dBm (max)
Maximum output: 60/90/96/100/120/240 Hz * 1, * 2
Latency: <5 ms

Dedicated software "Axis Studio"

Neuron Studio Gloves

You can acquire the motion data of both fingers with the gloves (option) exclusively for "Perception Neuron Studio". By adding the motion of the hand to the movement of the whole body, the expressive power of the character model further expands.

Main Specifications:

Weight: 105g
Accelerometer range: ± 8g
Gyroscope range: ± 2000dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg
Frequency: 2400MHz to 2483MHz
Accuracy: Roll 0.7 ° / Pitch 0.7 ° / Yaw 2 °
Internal processing rate: 800Hz
Output rate: 60/90/96/100 / Hz * Output rate can be set in Axis Studio
Power: AA batteries x 2 (one for each glove)
Operating time: about 5 hours
Size: You can choose from 3 sizes of S / M / L

Perception Neuron Pro

It is suitable for professional motion capture, movies, anime, games, visual effects, various performances, VTuber, etc. that extend VR expression.

Main Specifications:

NEURON sensor
Size: 43 x 33 x 20 (mm)
Weight: 15.8g
Dynamic range: 360 deg
Accelerometer range: ± 16 g
Gyroscope range: ± 2000 dps
Resolution: 0.02 deg

Size: 80 x 47 x 13 (mm)
Weight: 30g
Maximum number of sensor connections: 17
Maximum output: 120Hz
Connection with PC: USB 2.0 (full-speed)

Dedicated software "AXIS NEURON PRO"

Perception Neuron 2.0

It is a versatile, low-cost standard model that meets a variety of needs. It can manage up to 31 NEURON sensors and is for game / VR development by motion capture.

Main Specifications:

NEURON sensor
– Size: 12.5 × 13.1 × 4.3 (mm)
– Dynamic range: 360 deg
– Accelerometer range: ± 16 g
– Gyroscope range: ± 2000 dps
– Resolution: 0.02 deg

– Size: 59x41x23 (mm)
– Maximum number of sensor connections: 31
– PC connection: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, micro-SD card
– Maximum output rate: 60 @ fps (31 Neurons), 120 @ fps (17 Neurons)
– Communication: USB connection or Wi-Fi

Dedicated software "Axis Neuron"