[Article] Manus Prime II connects real and virtual

■ This is an article posted on June 2020, 11, so the content of the information may be out of date.

I want to break the real and virtual walls! !!

Four years have passed since 2016, which is called the first year of VR.People who yearn for virtual have somehow sought a way to break and connect the real and virtual walls.

HMD, controller, LeapMotion, depth sensor ...Many devices have been released that bring in real phenomena virtually, and conversely, devices that try to express virtual information in a real way.

Motion capture glove developed by Manus VR Manus Prime II May be a way to break this wall.

What is Manus Prime II?

↓ This is it.

[Move more freely in VR] Manus Prime II I tried to move [Motion Capture Gloves]


When used in combination with motion capture devices such as OptiTrack, Vicon, and SteamVR Tracking, it can accurately read the movements of the glove wearer's hands and fingers and reflect them wirelessly in the movement in VR space.

This Manu Prime II is our overseas product procurement service."Unipos"We handle it at.

Also, our free rental servicetegakariAlthough it is limited to corporations, we rent it free of charge for one week.Reservation for rentalplease use this form.

I did VTuber.

I felt it was boring just to move it, and when I was looking around for something in the company, I found a PC with Intel Core i9 and RTX2080Ti, HTC Vive, Vive Tracker, etc.

If you have all this, it ’s already Babiniku (Ba-CharBeautyGirl receptionmeat), So I made my VTuber debut with Manus Prime II.

For your reference, the installed software is as follows.


In the video, it was not possible to link it with the character's hand, but I felt the possibility of various applications.

[Corporate VTuber debut] Manus Prime II a Motion Capture Gove working in Unity [VR motion capture glove]


The animation is moving! ??

As mentioned earlier, this product isWe rent it free of charge for one week.

Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd., who used this service, provided an operation test video of motion porting to animation.

For me, who couldn't actually reflect the motion in the movement of the character, it was very interesting to say, "It's moving !!, the animation is moving !!".

Video courtesy:Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd.
Business content: Planning and production of animated films, etc.

After further research, in addition to Manus Prime II Glove, there was a person who was dancing with Manus Polygon (full body tracking).it's great!


Those who want to buy or rent Manus Prime II,Please feel free to use our service.

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