Software "OS Forensics" for digital forensic research

Software for digital forensics (*) surveys on the Unipos website OSForensics Added.

Since its founding in 1998, it has developed solutions for high quality performance benchmarks and tests such as BurnInTest and Performancetest. PassMark Software However, it is this OS Forensics that has recently entered the field of digital forensics and is developing and releasing it.

* What is digital forensics?

A series of scientific investigation methods that preserve evidence, investigate, and analyze electromagnetic records in the event of an incident response (*) or legal dispute or litigation, and also analyze, collect information, etc. regarding falsification or damage to electromagnetic records.・ Say technology.

* Unauthorized use of resources and environment such as computers and networks, denial of services, data destruction, unintended disclosure of information, etc., and response to acts (events) leading to them.

(From the Digital Forensics Study Group website)

OSForensics Features features such as identifying suspicious files and activities, quickly extracting evidence (forensic data) from your computer, and managing digital forensic investigations.

OSForensics Features

Discover relevant forensic evidence faster.

Quickly discover relevant data through high-performance file search and indexing capabilities.
You can extract passwords from Windows, Mac, and Linux file systems, decrypt files, and recover deleted files quickly and automatically.

  • Find files quickly
  • Search within Files
  • Search for Emails
  • Recover Deleted Files
  • Uncover User Activity
  • Collect System Information
  • View Active Memory
  • Extract Logins and Passwords
  • Detect Hidden Disk Areas

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Identify suspicious files and activity.

Identify evidence and suspicious activity through OSForensics' hash matching and drive signature analysis capabilities.
You can identify and analyze all files, and automatically create a timeline for all user activities.

  • Verify and Match Files
  • Find Misnamed Files
  • Create & Compare Drive Signatures
  • Timeline Viewer
  • Built-in File Viewer
  • Binary String Extraction
  • Email Viewer
  • Registry Viewer
  • File System Browser
  • Raw Disk Viewer
  • Thumbnail Cache Viewer
  • SQLite Database Browser
  • ESE Database Viewer
  • Prefetch Viewer
  • $ UsnJrnl Viewer
  • Plist Viewer

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Manage your digital investigation.

Omnidirectional case management solution.You can manage your entire digital survey using the OSF reporting capabilities.
You can build custom reports, add narratives, and even attach reports from other tools to OSF reports.

  • Create a Case
  • Generate a Report
  • Storage Device Management
  • Drive Imaging
  • Rebuild RAID Arrays
  • Take OSForensics With You
  • Imaging live systems
  • Maintain an audit trace
  • Support

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Free tools available with OSForensics

PassMark SoftwareWEB siteFrom, you can download the following tools that can be used together with OS Forensics for free.

  • OSFMount
    A tool for mounting local disk image files on Windowsd as a physical disk or logical drive letter

  • OSFClone

    A self-booting solution that allows you to create or duplicate RAW disk images

  • ImageUSB

    A tool that allows you to write an image to multiple USB flash drives at the same time

  • Volatility Workbench
    Volatility tool Graphical User Interface (GUI) for


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