Phylogenetic tree tool "Interactive Tree Of Life (iTOL)" that can be used online

A phylogenetic tree tool that can be used online on the Unipos website,Interactive Tree Of Life (iTOL) Page has been added.

Interactive Tree Of Life (iTOL) is an online tool for displaying, annotating, and managing phylogenetic trees.You can manage and visualize the trees directly in your browser and annotate them with different datasets.

Interactive Tree Of Life (iTOL) Features

Manage – Manage

You can organize trees within your workspace or project and access them from various browsers.
You can upload multiple tree files to your project at once with a simple drag and drop operation.

Annotate – Annotate

19 dataset formats are available, including Binary data and bar charts (List is here).
You can control the color, width, style, etc. of each branch, and you can adjust the font, size, and style of the label individually.

An example of a created tree (Gallery of user created trees) ishere

Export – Output

Create high-quality tree diagrams for publications, documents, and more.
The created tree diagram can be exported in various formats such as vectors and bitmaps as it is displayed on the screen.

License type

  • iTOL Standard
  • iTOL annotation editor (* iTOL annotation editor includes iTOL Standard)

iTOL annotation editor Is a tool that provides a direct link to your iTOL account from spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

You can access the tree from your spreadsheet through the iTOL annotation editor to create new datasets, edit existing datasets, define color ranges, update tree labels, and more.

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