About change of sales form of EmotivPRO software

EEG software for Emotiv headsets, which has become a long-selling product at UniposEmotiv PROThis is a notification about the license sales form.

Integrated software for neuroscience research and education built for Emotiv's EPOC X, EPOC +, EPOC Flex, and Insight Emotive PRO The sales form of the license has changed (as of the end of September 2021).

Until now, commercial EmotivePRO Business / Business + and non-commercial EmotivePRO Academic / Academic + have been sold, but from now on, 5 licenses (Lite / Student / Standard / Premium / Team licenses) will be available depending on the required functions. It will be a choice.

About License

At our company, "Student / Standard / Premium / Team license"Annual subscription We are dealing with.We do not offer monthly subscriptions.Therefore, the Student license is also an annual license.

Please check the function of each license and select the required license.
"Standard / Premium / Team license" isUsage period (1 year / 3 years / 5 years) You can choose.

  Lite Student Standard Premium Team
PC or Mac limit One One One One Five
Recording limit 5 max Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Performance metrics Low Res (0.1Hz) Low Res (0.1Hz) Low Res (0.1Hz) High Res (2Hz) High Res (2Hz)
Build x
Publish x
acquire x
Analyze x
Mental commands
EEG Data
Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) x

* Lite license is free


Main features / functions

The latest version of Emotiv PRO is 3.0.In the new version, we have created an EmotivPRO ecosystem model to integrate all the features and use them in a more orderly manner.In addition, the UI for accessing the Builder and Analyzer in EmotivPRO has been changed to make it easier to use.

【Major features】

-Build : Setting and designing brain science experiments
-Publish : Publish your experiment locally, remotely, or publicly
-acquire : Securely record, save and export data
-Analyze : Seamless data post-processing with cloud computing analyzer

For more detailed functions,Emotive PRO manual for more information.


System requirements

Emotiv PRO is compatible with Windows / Mac OS X.

  • Windows 10 (64-bit) v1607 + (*)
    * Windows 8 is no longer supported
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra or abover (*)
    * Mac 10.9 requires EMOTIV USB dongle