Finite element method simulation machine

We received a consultation from a customer about a machine for performing finite element method simulation using COMSOL.
I would like to make a proposal with a budget of 60 to 70 yen.

Memory is listed as the most important item in the official COMSOL information.
When giving top priority to memory, a 2 CPU configuration using Xeon is a candidate in consideration of the supported memory capacity.However, if you consider it within your budget, there will be a lot of wrinkles on other specifications, so we have adopted a product that corresponds to "Mid-range CPU" from the recommended hardware configuration of COMSOL.

The maximum memory capacity of this example is 256GB, but since it is difficult to install it up to the maximum within the range of 70 yen, 128GB is left in the initial state, leaving room for addition in the future.
For storage and video cards, we have selected the capacity and products for the time being.
It is said that the more video memory capacity the video card has, the better it is due to the complexity of the model, but the T600, which is one rank higher than the NVIDIA T1, is also 1000G, and if you try to increase the video memory capacity, it will be a budget. Since problems will occur, we have selected cost as a priority.

【Main Specifications】

CPU Ryzen Threadripper3 3960X (3.80GHz 24 core)
memory 128GB
storage 1TB SSD S-ATA
video NVIDIA T600 4GB
network on board (10Gigabit x1 / 2.5Gigabit x1)
Housing + power supply Middle tower case + 850W
OS Windows 10 Professional 64bit