Image analysis machine by deep learning

We received a consultation from a customer about a machine for performing image analysis using deep learning using the next-generation advanced 3D image processing software "Dragonfly".
We would like to propose a configuration that fits in the budget of about 50 yen, and we would like to install two storages for data storage in addition to the system.

Checking the system requirements of Dragonfly, the priority of the specifications is GPU > Memory > CPU, and at least 2 2TB storage is required, so SSD is 2TB x 2 and CPU is assumed to be the recommended Core i7 class , We propose a configuration that emphasizes GPU specifications as much as possible.
Also, since the recommended memory capacity is four times that of video memory, it is set to 4GB, which is four times that of VRAM 8GB.

【Main Specifications】

CPU Core i7 11700 (2.50GHz 8 cores)
memory 32GB
Storage 1 500GB SSD S-ATA
Storage 2 2TB SSD S-ATA x 2
video NVIDIA Geforce RTX3070Ti
network on board (2.5GBase-T x1)
Housing + power supply Middle tower case + 850W
OS Windows 10 Professional 64bit