Meteorological environment / fluid simulation machine

We received a consultation from a customer about a machine for performing meteorological environment simulation using WRF-Chem and fluid simulation using OpenFOAM.
CPU is Xeon, OS is Redhat or CentOS system.Currently, we are using it in a cluster environment with 2 Xeons with 8 core specifications, so we would like to introduce equipment with performance that exceeds existing machines with a budget of about 160 million yen.

Currently, the cluster you are using has 1 cores per node, so if you only need to secure CPU cores for 2 nodes, you can handle even a 8 CPU configuration.In this case, we have a budget, so we considered a 1-socket 2-core configuration, which is twice the size of existing machines.
For existing machines, the amount of memory installed per node was unknown, but considering the generation, it is estimated to be at most 1GB per node.Therefore, the memory capacity in this configuration is 32GB, which is twice that of 32GB x 8 units.

The balance between the number of CPU cores and memory is expected to be compared with the existing cluster configuration, so we will change it according to your request.

Other configurations are provisional specifications, but since RF-Chem can visualize the analysis results by post processing, we have selected entry-class products with some performance for the video card.
I think that WRF-Chem is software that does not depend on the Linux distribution, so Ubuntu 20.04 is used in this configuration.Also, OpenFOAM can be easily installed on Ubuntu.

【Main Specifications】

CPU Xeon Gold 6326 (2.90GHz 16 cores) x 2
memory 512GB ECC REG
Storage 1 1TB SSD S-ATA
Storage 2 8TB HDD S-ATA
Video Nvidia T1000
network On Board (1000Base-T X2)
Housing + power supply Tower housing + 1000W
OS Ubuntu 20.04
Other Intel oneAPI (Base Toolkit + HPC Toolkit) Free version

This case study is based on the RADIC 1CPU Model.
Simulation of estimated price due to specification changeplease use this form.for more information.
* Due to RADIC model changes, etc., it may not be possible to select the same specifications as the configuration of the case.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be aware in advance.