The license sales form of the mathematical planning software "GAMS" has changed (November 2021).

Overseas product procurement service Unipos Mathematical planning software, a popular product that has been available for many years at GAMS (The General Algebraic Modeling System) We are pleased to inform you that the sales form of is changed from November 2021.

About GAMS

Numerical calculation software for solving mathematical programming such as nonlinear programming and optimization problems.

In addition to the Base Module, a variety of solvers sold separately are available, and advanced functions such as iterative calculation and automatic execution of data arrays can be added.

The major changes are the following three points.

  1. 12-month subscription license now on sale
  2. Changed to two types of licenses, Named User License and Machine Based License
  3. Change of sales form of Multi-User / Department (MUD) License


12-month subscription license now on sale

Previously, only Perpetual licenses were sold, but 12-month Subscriptions are now available.

The perpetual license continues for 12 months from purchase, and the 12-month subscription includes a maintenance contract for the duration of the contract.

The 12-month subscription license can be purchased at half the price of the perpetual license (* in the case of the Named User License described later).

Two types of licenses, Named User License and Machine Based License

The license types that can be purchased have been changed to the following two types.

Named User License

A license granted to one specific user (license registrant) per license.
* Cannot be used by other users

If it is used by one license registrant, it can be installed on multiple computers.The license file will display the name and e-mail address of the license registrant.However, since it is limited to use by one person, only one computer can be used at the same time.

Your computer has unlimited cores and memory.

Machine Based License

A license granted to a specific computer per license.

If you use it on one computer, it can be used by multiple users.The license file will display the license administrator's name and e-mail address.

However, the number of cores in your computer is limited to a maximum of 12 cores (up to 12 cores).

Discounts for multiple license purchases

If you purchase multiple licenses for both Named User License and Machine Based License, you can purchase the second and subsequent licenses at a discounted price.

Furthermore, for example, if you are using one 24-core computer, you will need to purchase two Machine Based Licenses (up to 1 cores), but even in that case, the discount will be reflected in the second license. ..

Change of sales form of Multi-User / Department (MUD) License

Sales in the form of conventional Multi-User / Department (MUD) Licenses such as the Small MUD License (up to 5 users) that have been sold so far are no longer available.

The currently sold Multi-User / Department (MUD) License will be sold as a bundled license for multiple users of departments, workgroups, and project teams. It has been done.

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