"Lumina System", a stimulus presentation system for MRI

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Lumina SystemIs a high-quality, safe stimulus presentation system with a response pad (button box for reaction input) designed for use in MRI and a controller to meet the requirements of both the clinical and research communities. Meet.

【セ ッ ト 内容】

  • Lumina Response pads (choose from 6 types)
  • Lumina 3G + Controller
  • Medical rated universal AC adapter (100-240V)
  • USB cable

Lumina Response pads

A response pad made of plastic (100%) and fiber optics for maximum safety. It eliminates all interference with the magnets used in MRI equipment and risks to the patient.Choose the keyboard layout according to your application from 6 types of ergonomically designed models.


  • LS-PAIR: A versatile pair with two buttons for each hand
  • LS-RH (right)orLS-LH (left): Large ergonomic pad on which you can place your hands
  • LS-3B: 3 buttons that can be easily used with either hand
  • LS-THUMB: Game-like response pad
  • LS-DIAM: Experimental pad that requires spatial orientation
  • LS-LINE: Response pad suitable for Likert scale


Lumina Controller

It is a controller that can press a button, capture a trigger signal from an MRI scanner, time-stamp it with a millisecond accuracy, and convert the USB port and parallel output at the same time. Compatible with stimulus presentation software such as SuperLab, E-Prime, Presentation, Inquisit, Experiment Builder, MEDx, VSG.

Main functions

  • Use two response pads at the same time, each with up to five keys
  • Compatible with GE, Siemens, and Phillips MRI scanner triggers
  • Universal support (keyboard mode) etc.