Mesh repair tool "Limit State: Fix" for 3D printing

Mesh repair tool for 3D printing on Unipos website LimitState: Fix Page has been added.

LimitState: FIX is a tool for repairing defects in the STL file format used in 3D printer modeling.You can optimize the design of structures, bridges, slabs, or other 3D models.

LimitState: FIXWhat is it?

If you get annoying errors like inverted triangles (inverting the front and back of polygons), bad edges, holes in your model, missing faces, noise shells (non-integrated models), almost all of those problems are a number of things. It can be identified and corrected automatically in minutes.

LimitState: FIX function

  • Automatic correction function
  • Close solid
  • Automatic merging of solids
  • Orientation correction
  • Removal of intersections and noise shells
  • Manifold creation
  • Simplification of mesh etc.


LimitState: FIX license

LimitState: FIX Is a perpetual license.

You can use the version at the time of purchase permanently.For major updates, you can use the latest version by paying the upgrade cost.


License type

  • Maker:
    License for small businesses (less than 10 employees)
    Activate key Up to 3 times Can be executed
  • Enterprise:
    License for large companies
    Activate key Up to 10 times Can be executed

* Activation is not possible even if the limit of each license is exceeded.If you need more activation than the limit, you will need to purchase a new license.