WEB interface component "TreeGrid"

WEB interface components posted on the Unipos website TreeGrid I will introduce you.

TreeGrid is a DHTML (Dynamic HTML) component written in Pure JavaScript, the fastest with a rich feature set available on the Internet.AJAX grid.


About TreeGrid

Basic components for viewing and editing dataTreeGrid, Convenient for projects and production controlGantt Chart, Useful for table cell operationsSpreadSheetThere are components of.Depending on the functionality you need, you can use individual components or combine components.

TreeGrid is "Usage / Component type / Extended API / Source codeThe license form differs depending on the combination such as ".When making inquiries, please contact us on the manufacturer page.Price listPlease check, combine the desired functions, and let us know the license type.

組 み 合 わ せ

  • One TreeGrid component
    TreeGrid or Gantt chart or SpreadSheet
  • Two TreeGrid components
    TreeGrid + Gantt chart or SpreadSheet / Gantt chart + SpreadSheet
  • Full TreeGrid – all three components(*)
    TreeGrid + Gantt chart + SpreadSheet

* Full TreeGrid is a complete TreeGrid component with all available features such as Gantt charts, editable formulas, dynamic cell styles, borders and more.

Component type

TreeGrid is a grid component that can display data in a tree format.You can create a grid with all TreeGrid features except Gantt charts and spreadsheet features.

Basic grid function

  • cell content editing
  • changes Update to server by AJAX  or by page / form Submit (HTTP POST)
  • row sorting
  • row adding and deletion
  • row state colors
  • column resizing
  • column hiding / displaying
  • toolbar


A Gantt chart component for building web-based project management software such as Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera for task management and scheduling.You can create universal design bar charts interactively.

WEB grid function

  • tree feature, unlimited levels of nesting
  • row sorting by one or more columns
  • row grouping to tree of unlimited levels
  • multi level Pivot tables (two dimensional grouping)
  • row filtering by one or more columns like in MS Excel
  • searching in grid like in Google or by expression
  • know more calculations and formulas like in MS Excel
  • changes Update to server by AJAX or by page / form Submit (HTTP POST)
  • row addingdeletion and moving (dragging)
  • column resizinghide / displaying etc.


A component for building web-based spreadsheets like MS Excel, OpenOffice Calc or Google Sheets.It's very fast to view and control, and it's easy to edit data in spreadsheets such as calculations, copies, moves, autofills, deletes, and copy and paste.

Basic seat function

  • cell content editing
  • changes Update to server by AJAX  or by page / form Submit (HTTP POST)
  • row selecting, adding and deletion
  • column selecting, adding and deletion
  • row and column moving and resizing
  • row and column hiding / displaying
  • toolbar and row / column control panel


Types of licenses by usage type

  • BASIC license: for one server and 10 web pages, for 1 + 1 developers
  • PERSONAL license: for single developer, not for a company
  • STANDARD license : for one web application, for 1 + 3 developers
  • GRAND license: for one company, for 2 + 6 developers


About Extended API / Source codes

Depending on the license type, it is necessary to inform us of the necessity of Extended API and Source codes. For Extended API and Source codes (Backup source codes or Debug source codes), please refer to the following pages respectively.

Extended API for controlling TreeGrid from client-side JavaScript code

JavaScript source code for TreeGrid components


About evaluation package

TreeGrid has a trial package (evaluation version). It is a complete evaluation package that includes JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, and sample and documentation of server scripts such as NodeJS, ASP.NET, JAVA, PHP.

Full evaluation package with examples and documentation