Introducing the professional SteamVR compatible tracker "Manus SteamVR Pro Tracker"

SteamVR compatible tracker that can be installed in the Manus Prime X series, which is a standard hand motion capture / VR gloveManus Steamvr Pro Tracker'I will introduce you.

Manus Steamvr Pro TrackerAnd

A lightweight, compact, accurate and reliable SteamVR tracker for professionals.

Major features

  • Lightweight (62g) and compact
  • Replaceable battery (available for 4,5 or XNUMX hours)
  • Ideal for motion capture and virtual production
  • Universal mount system (*)
  • Easy to attach to various objects (tracking targets) (*)


Universal mount system(Universal Mounting System)

A universal mounting system that supports a wide range of tracking attachments is used.Attaching and detaching the attachment is a simple slide method.


Example of attachment to an object

It can be attached to data gloves, fixed belts attached to arms and legs, cameras and tripods.


Adhesion with 1/4 inch thread adapter or double-sided tape is also possible.


Main Specifications

battery duration: 4,5 Hours (Swappable)
Battery Charging Duration: 1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTES
Charging port: USB-C (5V)
Weight: 62 grams
Mount Compatibility: Manus Universal Mounting System, Cold Shoe
wireless range: Up to 25 Meters
SteamVR Base Station Compatibility: Version 1.0 & 2.0
Comes with 6 spare batteries and a station for charging.


Manus Data Gloves

Manus Prime X Haptic VR

Please refer to the following article for the VR data glove "Manus Prime X Haptic VR" that is equipped with a tactile module on each finger and can feed back accurate position information.


Tegara Corporation Manus VR Authorized ResellerAs a result, we have a lot of sales records of Manus Gloves series.Of course, the new product Manus Prime X can also be purchased on the Unipos website, so please feel free to contact us.