DIANA FEA machine

Case No.PC 3294We received an inquiry about a machine for finite element method analysis with DIANA FEA from a customer who saw.Since we are planning to use it for video editing, we would like to propose a budget of 50 to 60 yen with some graphic performance added.

In the guide, the configuration was examined with reference to "EXAMPLE CONFIGURATIONS" of DIANA FEA.The video card is a middle class Quadro, which can handle general level video editing without any problems.In addition, it is equipped with a TPM module in anticipation of future migration to Windows 11.

DIANA is software for which CPU processing is important.Although it may be possible to achieve higher speeds by increasing the number of cores, most of the analysis is performed sequentially, so it is desirable to select a clock-oriented selection.

【Main Specifications】

CPU Xeon W-2265 (3.50GHz 12 cores)
memory 64GB
storage 1TB M.2 SSD
Video Nvidia RTX A2000
network on board (10/100 / 1000Base-T x1 5G x1)
Housing + power supply Middle tower case + 850W
OS Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64bit
Other TPM module