[Release information] Sub-millimeter precision glove-type tracking device "Manus Quantum Metagloves"

The latest series of data gloves Manus Gloves that captures the movement of fingers in detail, "Manus Quantum MetaglovesWas released.

Quantum MetaglovesIs a glove-shaped tracking device that can read the movement of each finger of the wearer and the orientation of the hand with sub-millimeter accuracy.The acquired data is wirelessly transmitted to the computer and can be reflected in the movement in VR space.

Manus Quantum Metagloves is currently accepting reservations (scheduled to begin shipping in the fall of 2022).
*September 2022 addition: Shipment from the manufacturer has started.

* We do not handle Manus Xsens Metagloves and Manus OptiTrack Metagloves.


Manus Quantum Metagloves Product Introduction

The latest model of data gloves for VR with improved accuracy and fit from the previous series Manus Prime II / Mauns Prime X.

Newly adopted Absolute Position Sensor Submillimeter accuracy, low latency and no drift.By reflecting the position information of the sensor attached to the fingertip to the biomechanical model, the movement of the hand skeleton is reproduced.

Product features

Quantum Tracking Technology

Submillimeter accuracy position sensor (Absolute Position Sensor ) Is installed.Low delay, strong against magnetic interference, and no drift (accumulation of position coordinate error).

Manus Advanced Hand Solver

The biomechanical model that utilizes the research results since its establishment in 2014 reproduces the sensor position information as hand skeleton motion data.

Fully compatible

Dedicated software Manus Core Is compatible with various industry standard software.
(Unreal / Unity / MVN Animate * / Motive 3.0 *)
* Will be supported in a future update
Integration with other software can also be built using the Manus Core SDK (Blender, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, MotionBuilder).

Wear it according to your needs

Sensor mounting method is Finger Tape / Finger Sleeve / Liner Glove You can select from 2 types.By separating the glove and the sensor mounting part, it is easier to adjust the size and position. Finger Caps are available in 3 sizes.
* Added in June 2023:The mounting method of the sensor has been changed to two types: Finger Tape and Finger Sleeve.

Manus Quantum Metagloves sensor mounting method

Licensing & Support

Quantum Metagloves comes with a perpetual license for Manus Core (*).
It also includes a 2-year warranty and updates.
* If you already have a Manus Core license, you can purchase only gloves.

Common features of Manus data gloves

Universal Mounting System

It has a universal mounting system that supports a wide variety of tracking attachments.
Compatible with common camera accessory shoes (Cold Shoe), the attachment is a simple sliding attachment.
* The image is a Manus Prime series glove.

Quick and Easy Calibration

Just make a gesture according to the screen display of the software, and calibrate according to the wearer's hand quickly and accurately.
Calibration information is stored in the glove so you can be ready for the next session instantly.
* The image is a Manus Prime series glove.

Stay charged

Quantum Metagloves has a battery life of 4 hours.
The battery is also replaceable, allowing you to continue using your gloves for charging without interrupting your session (also supports Type-C bus-powered power).
Manus Charging Station can charge up to 6 batteries at the same time.

washable gloves
Each electronic module can be easily removed from the cloth glove so that the glove body can be washed or replaced.


About Manus Core License

Manus data glove / tracker dedicated software.

Manus Core includes Manus Dashboard features for calibration and data management, as well as free plugins for third-party software to reflect data in real time in projects such as Unity / Unreal / MotionBuilder / MVN Animate. can.

It also includes "Manus Polygon" for full body motion capture using inverse kinematics (IK) ("Manus Polygon".For more information about Polygon, please see the manufacturer's WEB page.)


Tegara Corporation Manus Machinae BV Certified ResellerAs a result, we have a lot of sales records of Manus Gloves series.Of course, the new product Manus Quantum Metagloves can also be purchased on the Unipos website, so please feel free to contact us (reservations are being accepted as of June 2022).