Notification of license change of PDF generation library "iText"

The license form of "iText", a PDF generation library for Java / .NET that Unipos has been handling as a reseller for many years, has changed (as of August 2022).

iThe handling of the Text Core Instance License has ended, and it will be provided in two forms.

  • iText OEM Distribution License
  • iText Subscription License Volume

What is iText?

It is a library for creating and manipulating PDF files from Java and .NET, and is also used as a PDF engine by the US Department of Defense, Google, NASA, etc.

The latest version is iText 7 is. With optional features such as sensitive information removal from PDF documents, invoicing, and ligature rendering, the tool is more powerful than ever.

Major features

  • Insert PDF in browser
  • Generate dynamic documents from XML files and databases
  • Use PDF's interactive features
  • Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks and more
  • PDF pagination, concatenation and manipulation
  • Automate PDF form filling
  • Add digital signature to PDF files


About License

If you want to use iText in a closed source, proprietary environmentcommercial license is required.

License type

Incorporating iText into a self-developed server application or end-user application and selling it as a package to "an unspecified number of general users"iText OEM Distribution License”and a license whose cost is determined according to the number of processes (number of PDF files, number of events)"iText Subscription License Volume" There are two types.

* Due to the change in license form, the handling of iText Core Instance License has ended.

  • iText OEM Distribution License
    Embeddable into server or end-user applications Licensed
    – iText OEM Distribution Server License
    – iText OEM Distribution end-user device license
  • iText Subscription License Volume
    A license whose cost is determined according to the number of processes (number of PDF files, number of events)
    *Please provide a rough estimate of how much processing will be done per year.


About Add-Ons

Each license has the following Add-Ons:Please contact us if you wish.

  • pdfXFA – Program dynamic PDF for iText7
  • pdfCalligraph – Ligature rendering and text extraction
  • pdfHTML – Convert HTML and CSS to PDF documents
  • pdfRender – Render PDF as image
  • pdfOptimizer – Optimize PDF images, quality and size
  • pdf Office – High quality document conversion from Office documents to PDF
  • pdfSweep – Remove confidential information from PDF documents
  • pdfOCR – Automated text recognition

When contacting us, please let us know the type of license, necessary Add-on, etc.