[Product consultation example] BioRender – I want to use illustrations even after the license period expires

Illustration tool for the life science field from a customerBioRenderI received a consultation on how to use the.
BioRenderis a tool for drawing high-quality, easy-to-understand illustrations such as schematic diagrams in the life science field.


Other questions

Customers are nowAnnual Subscriptionand had doubts about whether you can continue to use your illustrations after the license period expires.

Other questions

  • Is it necessary to continue the subscription in order to publish illustrations created with BioRender in materials and papers?


Information from our company

Illustrations created with BioRender can be published in materials and papers even after the license period expires.
during the license periodpublication license(Illustration data with public permission) from the software and use it.

publication license(Illustration data with public permission), please refer to the manufacturer page for details.

How do I download my publication license?

Can I publish illustrations I made on a premium plan after I downgrade?


Questions and consultation

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In order to make a more appropriate proposal, we may ask you about the type of license, usage environment, purpose, etc.Please note.