Machine for machine learning & quantum chemical calculation simulation

Case No.PC 8351A customer who viewed , asked us about a machine for simulating machine learning and quantum chemical calculations.We would like to propose a configuration that satisfies the following conditions and can be used in a 100V power supply environment.

CPU: Latest generation possible, high clock and large cache
Memory: 1GB or more per core
Storage: Equipped with SSD and 1TB or more HDD
GPU: Multiple products with 20GB+ video memory within budget
Power supply: 100V compatible Depending on power consumption, redundancy with 2 power supplies is also considered
Budget: 500 million yen or less

Since there were few specified conditions for storage capacity, we have prepared provisional specifications in our proposal.
Please note that there is a limit to the number of HDDs that can be installed due to the space inside the chassis, and there is no bus left to install a RAID card, etc., so it is not possible to support RAID.

The power supply unit is listed as 1600W, but in a 100V environment, it actually has a power supply capacity of over 1300W.
The two power supplies installed in this configuration are not intended for redundancy (operating even if one of them fails), so if one of the power supplies fails, the system will stop.
In this regard, since the configuration does not consider the stability of the server, please be aware that the 100V environment is the priority and the use is based on the usage and range where system downtime can be tolerated.

[Notes on this configuration]
Since the power supply is separated for 100V compatibility, the power consumption exceeds 15A.Therefore, it is necessary to supply power from a separate power outlet. (Using octopus wiring from 1 outlet is not possible) Electricity contracts cannot be used at 15A.

In addition, due to physical placement problems such as power supply and GPU, HDD etc. cannot be added.The built-in drive can be equipped with up to two M.2 type storages.

Finally, as the power supply is linked as described above, it is configured to supply power, so please avoid using it for critical applications.Although it is a configuration of power supply x2, these are not redundant but interlocked to secure the amount of power supply, so if one power supply fails, please consider that the system will not function.

【Main Specifications】

CPU Ryzen ThreadripperPRO 5975WX (3.60GHz 32 cores)
memory 512GB
Storage 1 1TB M.2 SSD
Storage 2 10TB HDD S-ATA
video NVIDIA Geforce RTX3090 x4
network on board (1GbE x1 10GBase-T x1)
Housing + power supply Tower chassis + 1600W x2
OS Ubuntu 20.04