AI image processing machine

We received a request from a customer for a dedicated machine for image processing in AI research.
The expected specs are as follows.

Motherboard: PCI-E4.0x16 (PCI-E5.0x8) with transfer speed equivalent to 2 GPUs
CPU: Made by Intel
Memory: 64GB
Storage: SSD and HDD
GPU: Two of either RTX3090 or RTX3090Ti
Budget: Within 90 yen

We have proposed a configuration that emphasizes your budget.

Although the CPU is an entry-class product to keep the price down, the GPU accounts for a large proportion of the overall cost, and if it is assumed that two RTX3090s will be installed, it will be difficult to guide you for less than 2 million yen.Therefore, we gave priority to keeping the RTX100 in one unit and staying within the budget.

Please note that even if you have enough budget, if you use the RTX3090Ti as the GPU, you will be limited to installing only one unit due to issues with the exhaust format and card size.

【Main Specifications】

CPU Xeon Silver 4310 (2.10GHz 12 cores)
memory 64GB
Storage 1 1TB SSD S-ATA
Storage 2 4TB HDD S-ATA
video NVIDIA Geforce RTX3090
network on board (10GBase-T x2)
Housing + power supply Middle tower case + 1200W
OS Windows 10 Professional 64bit