[Release Information] Notice of license change for Python script obfuscation tool "PyArmor"

Python script obfuscator PyArmor The latest version, Version 8, has been released (March 2023).Along with that, we will inform you that there was a change in the license format.

About PyArmor

PyArmor is a command line tool for obfuscating and protecting Python scripts. Python scripts obfuscated by PyArmor can be executed like normal Python scripts.

Bytecodes are obfuscated as soon as each code object completes execution, ensuring high security. You can also set the expiration date for the obfuscated script and bind it to the HDD serial number / network card MAC address / IP address.

Main features of PyArmor

  • Basic Obfuscation: Script obfuscation with default options
  • Expired Script: Expiration setting for obfuscated script
  • Bind Device: Run obfuscated scripts only on specified devices
  • JIT Protection: some sentence data is processed by runtime-generated binary code
  • Assert Protection: Prevent others from hacking obfuscated scripts
  • Themedia Protection: Protect Widnows DLLs with Themedia


PyArmor Version 8 Major Changes

Changes to EULA (End User License Agreement)

A new EULA has been issued that has been renewed from the contents of the previous EULA.When using the latest version 8, this EULA is applied, so please be sure to check it.


Change of license type

Until now, there were two types of paid licenses: PyArmor Personal for personal use and PyArmor Enterprise for commercial use. ).

The range and characteristics of usable functions differ for each license.

*June 2023, 6: Partially updated functions and features

License name Functions
PyArmor Basic
  • Capable of obfuscating scripts with large file sizes
  • Ability to obfuscate string constants in scripts with Mix Str
  • It is possible to change the runtime package name (pyarmor_runtime_000000)
  • obf-code > 1 available
PyArmor Pro

In addition to the contents of Basic, the following modes are available:

  • RFT Mode: rename function/class/method/variable in Python script
  • BCC Mode: Convert Python functions in scripts to c functions and compile directly to machine instructions
PyArmor Group

In addition to Pro content:

  • Can be obfuscated without an internet connection (offline obfuscation)

* For Basic and Pro, online license authentication is required for each obfuscation (internet connection required).

For free trial licenses (no restrictions on usage period), these functions and features are not applied, and

  • Do not use for commercial products (non-commercial)
  • MUST NOT be used for any form of obfuscation service

conditions will be added.

In addition, of the preceding paragraphMain features of Pyarmorcan be used with all licenses including the Trial license.

About upgrading from older versions of Pyarmor

Users of older versions can upgrade to PyArmor Basic (Version 8) free of charge if they meet the following conditions (If none of the conditions apply, please use version 1. You will need to purchase a new one to do so).

  • New EULAbe used in accordance with
  • "pyarmor-vax-" is included in the license number status
  • The original activation file "pyarmor-regcode-xxxx.txt" has been used less than 100 times
  • The old version license must have been purchased before June 2023, 6 (*)
    *In principle, old licenses purchased after Pyarmor 8 is released cannot be upgraded to new licenses.

For more information and upgrade instructions, please visit the manufacturer page below.


Regardless of the above conditions, upgrade to PyArmor Pro can be applied by purchasing an upgrade license.
→ From PyArmor Version 8.2 onwards, it is no longer possible to upgrade from the old version license to PyArmor Pro and PyArmor Group (added May 2023, 5)

Unipos is a manufacturer authorized reseller of PyArmor.If you are considering purchasing a license, please Overseas product procurement service Unipos Please feel free to contact us!

* Tegara solves all worries about introducing overseas software with "No cost at all in case of trouble!" "No need to communicate with overseas manufacturers. Tegara reception, immediate response!" The original support pack "Anshin + Software” is also available.Please see the following page for details.