[Product introduction] Leap Motion Controller 2 – Hand tracking camera that recognizes hand and finger movements

Since its release in 2012, the hand tracking camera "Leap Motion Controller", which has been a popular product for many years, has been discontinued, and the successor product "Leap Motion Controller 2” release information has been announced.The release date is "Available in Summer 2023” is announced.

→ Added on July 2023, 7:
Leap Motion Controller 2 has arrived at our company.In stock and ready for immediate delivery.

The Leap Motion Controller 2 has a higher resolution camera than its predecessor, a wider field of view (FOV), and consumes 25% less power.The hardware size has also been reduced by 30%, realizing the optimal placement and convenience according to the application.

* The left is the previous model "Leap Motion Controller" and the right is the new model "Leap Motion Controller 2".The vertical width is small and slim.

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Improvements from the previous model Leap Motion Controller

 30% smaller

Small and lightweight form factor for optimal placement

  • Leap Motion Controller : 11.3 x 80 x 30(mm) / 32g
  • Leap Motion Controller 2 : 12 x 84 x 20(mm) / 29g


Improved FOV (field of view)

Camera hardware for a larger interaction space

  • Leap Motion Controller :
    3D interactive zone that extends up to 60cm (24”) or more,
    extending from the device in a 140° x 120° typical field of view.
  • Leap Motion Controller 2 :
    3D interactive zone at distances up to 110 cm (43”),
    across to 160° x 160° field of view.


25% power saving

Improved camera and IR illumination enable more tracking with less power

What is Leap Motion Controller?

Let me introduce Leap Motion Controller again.

Leap Motion Controller is an optical hand tracking camera manufactured by Ultraleap UK.
It recognizes the user's hand and finger movements, enabling natural interaction with digital content such as XR (AR/VR/MR) and 3D displays.

By combining with the company's hand tracking software Gemini (downloadable from the manufacturer's website), 27 elements including bones and joints can be identified, even if there are elements that cannot be seen by movements such as clenching the hand in the shape of goo. It can also be visualized accurately.

■ Hand tracking image using Gemini

See Ultraleap Gemini hand tracking in action


Main uses

  • Commercial grade XR applications (training, simulation, industrial services, etc.)
  • Games and interactive entertainment (from home level to amusement park level)
  • Interaction with objects and menus for 3D displays and holograms
  • Music field such as 3D MIDI control, 3D audio mixing
  • Robotics fields such as telepresence, robot control, and AI-assisted teaching

Leap Motion Controller 2 main specifications

Power supply requirement 5VDC via USB, 500mA
Data connection USB 3.0 via USB type C connector
Tracking range and field of view Depth between 10 cm (4”) to 110 cm (43”); 160° x 160° field of view
Camera frame rate 115fps maximum
operating wavelength 850 nm
Construction Aluminum and scratch-resistant glass
Operating temperature 0 ° C is 40 ° C (32 ° F is 104 ° F)
Storage temperature -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°)
Compatible operating systems Windows, macOS, and Android XR2
Length 84 mm x 20 mm x 12 mm
Weight 29 g


About integration with applications

The Leap Morion Controller 2 is designed for easy integration into your own applications.

  1. Dedicated option "XR Headset Mount' makes it easy to attach the Leap Motion Controller 2 to various designs of XR headsets from Pico, HTC and Varjo.

  2. Plugins are available for Unity and Unreal, making it easier to incorporate hand tracking into established workflows if you're using those 3D development platforms.

  3. Proprietary C-style API "LeapC APIallows developers to create their own bindings to the application layer, allowing Unity to integrate with non-Unreal applications

    Click here for details about LeapC API (manufacturer's website)


Leap Motion Controller 2 will ship in August 2023!
→ Our company has arrived! (Added on July 7)