[Release information] Remote access RealVNC VNC Connect | Notice of license change

Unipos's long-selling secure remote desktop tool "RealVNC's VNC ConnectThis is a notice about the change in the license form of ".

What is VNC Connect?

Remote desktop software for remotely controlling computers on a network.You can remotely control the computer screen, keyboard, mouse, etc. via the network. In addition to desktop machines such as Windows, Max OS X, and Linux, it can be operated from Android, iOS terminals, and devices using RaspberryPi.

VNC Connect works with a combination of VNC Viewer and VNC Server management tools.It can be used simply by installing VNC Connect (server software) on the operated computer and VNC Viewer (viewer software) on the operated terminal.

In addition to this ease of use and operation, 256-bit AES encryption and SSH tunnels strongly protect data transmission over the network.It has excellent security and is used in a wide range of industries and systems, especially for technical operations and IT infrastructure management.

Main uses
IT support, help desk, system management, software development, education/training, medical care, manufacturing (facilities monitoring, equipment management, embedded system management, maintenance), etc.


Change of license type

RealVNC has changed its license form from June 2023.

Please select the product according to your usage.

  • User License or Device License
  • Lite (non-commercial) / Essentials / Plus / Premium / Enterprise editions

VNC Connect is an annual (Subscription) license.Includes standard support and his upgrades such as security, enhancements, and bugfix patches.

License selection

RealVNC Connect subscriptions were offered as Device Access (per device) and On-Demand Assist (per user), but now you can choose between per user and per device.

Depending on how you use VNC Connect,User license"Or"device license”.

User license
License tied to a specific user, one license required per user
* "On Demand Assist", which initiates a quick remote support session with the end user, is a distinctive feature of the user license.

device license
A license tied to a specific device, one license is required per device
*Often used for servers and thin clients.

User licenses are more common and apply to more cases, such as one user using a company and home PC (remote access).For example, if multiple users work in shifts, device licenses may be more cost-effective.


Edition type

Fees apply, except for the Lite Edition, which is available for non-commercial use.
Best remote access solution for personal useEssentials Edition, full of functions suitable for remote supportplus edition, with enhanced security and management capabilitiesPremium Edition, a top-of-the-line software dedicated to managing large and complex remote access environmentsEnterprise Editionare lined up.The most popular edition is the Premium edition.

  • Lite : non-commercial
  • Essentials : personal/commercial, entry level
  • Plus : small business, team or small business
  • Premium : For mid-sized companies, medium-sized companies, and large companies that emphasize compliance
  • Enterprise : Organizations with large and complex deployments


*If you are unsure about product selection, please let us know the expected usage.We will help you select a license according to the purpose and form of use, while also considering the cost.

 Try VNC Connect

You can try Premium Edition features for 14 days by creating an account.The trial version allows you to add up to 10 managed devices and 1 On-Demand Assist technician license.

*You need to create an account to obtain an evaluation license.

Start your free 14-day trial


After the 14-day evaluation period ends, your account will revert to the Lite version. The Lite version is free for non-commercial use.
For example, you can use it for personal projects or for remote support of non-tech-savvy friends and family.

Unipos has a track record of selling and supporting VNC Connect.
If you are considering purchasing a license, please Overseas product procurement service Unipos Please feel free to contact us!

* Tegara solves all worries about introducing overseas software with "No cost at all in case of trouble!" "No need to communicate with overseas manufacturers. Tegara reception, immediate response!" The original support pack "Anshin + Software” is also available.Please see the following page for details.