[Function comparison] What is the difference between Azure Kinect DK and Orbbec Femto Bolt?

Due to the end of production of the Azure Kinect Development Kit (hereinafter referred to as Azure Kinect DK), we have received many questions regarding the Orbbec Femto Bolt as a replacement.

Orbbec Femto Boltuses the same depth camera module as the Azure Kinect DK and offers identical performance and operating modes. Developers using Azure Kinect DK can use the API bridge provided as part of the SDK to improve their existing applications using Azure Kinect DK. Femto Bolt can be migrated to

For example, Femto Bolt supports "Microsoft Body Tracking SDK". Please refer to the manufacturer's website below.

Access AKDK Application Software with Femto Bolt


In this article, we will introduce a functional comparison.

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*This article quotes the following manufacturer's website.

Orbbec Femto Bolt
Azure Kinect DK documentation
Azure Kinect Developer Kit (AKDK) and Orbbec Femto Bolt and Femto Mega Comparison



Differences between Azure Kinect DK and Orbbec Femto Bolt

  • Different form factors, Orbbec Femto Bolt is more compact
  • Depth camera performance is the same
  • Orbbec Femto Bolt's color camera supports HDR and improves image quality
  • Orbbec Femto Bolt now features advanced trigger synchronization
  • Azure Kinect DK is equipped with a microphone array, but Orbbec Femto Bolt is not equipped with it

HDR (high dynamic range) compatible cameras can capture light with a wide dynamic range, making it possible to depict details even in scenes with high contrast between light and dark.This improves image quality by realizing natural colors and gradations under various lighting environments, such as allowing backlit subjects to appear clearly.

Are there any differences in the operating environment?

Both Azure Kinect DK and Orbbec Femto Bolt operate under the following environmental conditions:

  • temperature: 10℃~250C Indoor/Semi-outdoor
  • (I.e.: 8-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)

The device is recommended for use under specified environmental conditions.Use outside of the specified conditions may cause malfunction.For example, in closed spaces such as sealed boxes or racks, it is recommended to maintain temperature conditions by cooling with fans or air conditioning.Also, ensure that the cooling channels in the device design are not blocked.


Specification comparison

Camera specifications Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt
Depth Technology Time-of-Flight Time-of-Flight
Wavelength 850 nm 850 nm
Depth Range 0.25-5.46m (depending on depth mode) 0.25-5.46m (depending on depth mode)
Depth Resolution/FPS Up to 1024×1024@15fps (WFOV)
Up to 640×576@30fps (NFOV)
Up to 1024×1024@15fps (WFOV)
Up to 640×576@30fps (NFOV)
Depth FOV (HxV) 120 ° x120 ° 120 ° x120 °
RGB Resolution/FPS Up to 3840×2160@30fps (MJPEG) Up to 3840×2160@25fps (MJPEG/YUY2/H.264/H.265)
RGB FOV (HxV) 90° x 59° 80° x 51°
Processing External, Host PC External, Host PC
IMU Supported (6-axis IMU) Supported (6-axis IMU)


Physical parameters Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt
data connection USB3.1 Gen 1 with type USB-C USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connector
Power Input External PSU or USB Type-C USB Type-C/DC 12/2A
I/O Connectivity USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connector
Power through USB-C or external PSU
3.5mm audio jack for frame sync
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C connector
Power through USB-C or external PSU
8 Pin-Connector for device trigger/sync
trigger Supported Supported
Power Consumption 5.9 W max
4.35W Average
Operating Environment 10℃-25℃; 8-90% (non-condensing) Relative Humidity 10℃-25℃; Indoor/Semi-outdoor; 8-90% (non-condensing) RH
SDK Support Azure Kinect Sensor SDK Orbbec SDK
Data Output Point cloud, Depth Map, IR and RGB Point cloud, Depth Map, IR and RGB
Dimensions (WxHxD) 103x39x126 mm 115x40x65 mm
Weight 440 g 335 g
Equipment installation Bottom: 1/4-20UNC / 4x internal screw points Bottom: 1/4-20UNC Side: 4xM2.5


Operating modes and performance

Azure Kinect DK has a built-in 1 megapixel Time-of-Flight (ToF) depth camera designed by Microsoft. Orbbec Femto also has identical operating modes and performance.The viewing angle mode of the depth camera can be set depending on the purpose.

Depth camera operating mode

Mode/Device Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt / Femto Mega
NFOV unbinned 640×576 @ 5/15/25/30fps 640×576 @ 5/15/25/30fps
NFOV 2×2 binned (SW) 320×288 @ 5/15/25/30fps 320×288 @ 5/15/25/30fps
WFOV 2×2 binned 512×512 @ 5/15/25/30fps 512×512 @ 5/15/25/30fps
WFOV unbinned 1024×1024 @ 5/15fps 1024×1024 @ 5/15fps
Passive IR 1024×1024 @ 5/15/25/30fps 1024×1024 @ 5/15/25/30fps

NFOV (Narrow field-of-view depth mode)
WFOV (Wide field-of-view depth mode)
FOV (Field-of-view)
FPS (Frames-per-second / Number of frames per second)
IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit)
FoI (Field of Illumination)


Operating depth range

Mode/Device Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt / Femto Mega
NFOV unbinned 0.5 - 3.86 m 0.5 - 3.86 m
NFOV 2×2 binned (SW) 0.5 - 5.46 m 0.5 - 5.46 m
WFOV 2×2 binned 0.25 - 2.88 m 0.25 - 2.88 m
WFOV unbinned 0.25 - 2.21 m 0.25 - 2.21 m


Depth and IR FoV

Mode/Device Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt / Femto Mega
NFOV unbinned 75 ° x65 ° 75 ° x65 °
WFOV binned 120 ° x120 ° 120 ° x120 °
WFOV unbinned 120 ° x120 ° 120 ° x120 °


Characteristics of color cameras

Mode/Device Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt / Femto Mega
Pixel pitch​ 1.25 um​ 1.45 um​
Sensor Size​ 5.120×3.132 mm​ 5.568×3.840mm​
F number 2.2 2.7
aspect ratio 4:3 16:9

In terms of pixel pitch and F value, Azure Kinect DK's 1.25um and F2.2 are slightly better, while sensor size of Femto Bolt's 5.568 x 3.840mm is slightly better in terms of resolution and low-light performance.However, it is not a big difference, and both products are considered to have a level that does not pose any practical problems.
The 16:9 aspect ratio is the mainstream for video shooting today.When comparing aspect ratios, Femto Bolt's 16:9 can be said to be suitable for video shooting.


Color camera operating mode

resolution/device Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt / Femto Mega
3840×2160: 4K 5/15/30fps MJPEG 5/15/25fps MJPEG/YUY2/H.264/H.265
2560×1440: WQHD 5/15/30fps MJPEG 5/15/25fps MJPEG/YUY2/H.264/H.265
1920×1080: FHD (Full-HD) 5/15/30fps MJPEG 5/15/25/30fps MJPEG/YUY2/H.264/H.265
1280×720: HD 5/15/30fps MJPEG/YUY2/NV12 5/15/25/30fps MJPEG/YUY2/H.264/H.265
1280×960: HDTV Not applicable 5/15/25/30fps MJPEG/YUY2/H.264/H.265
4096×3072: wide 5/15fps MJPEG Not applicable
2048×1536: QXGA 5/15/30fps MJPEG Not applicable

There is no big difference between the Azure Kinect DK and Femto Bolt color cameras when shooting MJPEG videos at frame rates of 5/15/30fps.However, Femto Bolt supports compression formats such as YUY2/H.264/H.265 in addition to MJPEG, and high frame rate videos of 25fps.Therefore, it can be said that Femto Bolt has a wider selection of operating modes and its video performance is somewhat better than Azure Kinect DK.

Color camera aspect ratio and FOV

resolution/device Azure Kinect Developer Kit Femto Bolt / Femto Mega
3840×2160: 4K 16:9, 90°x59° 16:9, 80°×51°
2560×1440: WQHD 16:9, 90°x59° 16:9, 80°×51°
1920×1080: FHD (Full-HD) 16:9, 90°x59° 16:9, 80°×51°
1280×720: HD 16:9, 90°x59° 16:9, 80°×51°
1280×960: HDTV Not applicable 4:3, 65°x51°
4096×3072: wide 4:3, 90°x74.3° Not applicable
2048×1536: QXGA 4:3, 90°x74.3° Not applicable


About connecting multiple devices

Femto Bolt is equipped with an 8-pin synchronization system that supports multi-sensor networks, mainly cameras and other sensors. Users of the Azure Kinect Development Kit can sync with a specific audio cable.Orbbec's Sync Trigger Hub also supports precise synchronization over long distances using common Ethernet cables, and allows switching of trigger levels.

For example for Orbbec Femto BoltMulti-Camera Sync Hub ProSets are useful for efficient synchronization. This set includes one Sync Hub Pro and two Orbbec Sync adapters, allowing you to effectively work together multiple cameras and devices. Compact yet highly functional, it reliably transmits signals between devices using an RJ1 interface or CAT2 or higher cable.


Please refer to the manufacturer page below.

Sync multiple Azure Kinect DK devices

Orbbec Sync Hub Pro (reference product)

*For Orbbec Sync Hub Pro, please also refer to the product page below.


For inquiries about Orbbec products, please contact Unipos

Unipos (Tegara Corporation) has delivered Orbbec's 3D camera to many customers. If you are considering purchasing Orbbec products, please feel free to contact Unipos, an expert in overseas product procurement.

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