[Product Introduction] Emotiv FLEX 2 | Cap-type wireless EEG (brainwave) system

Emotiv FLEX is an EEG cap that supports up to 32 channels and allows you to flexibly change the sensor position.The latest version of Emotiv FLEX brings advanced features and improved performance.Emotiv FLEX 2Will introduce

Emotiv FLEX 2 is now available!

FLEX 2 also supports up to 32 channels, and has achieved further evolution while maintaining the flexibility of sensor position.The lineup includes ``FLEX Saline'' for long-term use and ``FLEX Gel'' for flexible short-term use.

Both products boast a long battery life of up to 6 hours, and can wirelessly transmit high-resolution brain wave data to a PC (*An Emotiv PRO license is required for data transmission). Choose from three different cap sizes to get the perfect fit.

*Emotiv products are primarily intended for research and personal use.It is not sold as a medical device or used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.

Highlights of precision and ease of use advanced with the latest technology

FLEX 2 features a Bluetooth 5.2 chip and advanced antenna design to transmit contextual EEG data with greater precision and accuracy.

  • Sampling rate of 256 times per second provides high time resolution and high signal fidelity per channel
  • Full resolution motion data transmission up to 64Hz
  • Uncompressed 16-bit channel data
  • Time-synchronized EEG, ECG, EMG, EOG signals
  • Advanced antenna for stable connectivity and expanded research capabilities
  • Power LED lets you check battery life at a glance
  • USB-C charging port and charging cable for faster charging


What is the difference between FLEX Saline and FLEX Gel?

Common characteristics:

  • 32 channel EEG: Capable of acquiring high-density brain wave data
  • Flexible sensor placement: Same flexibility as traditional head cap systems
  • Latest Bluetooth(R) 5.2 chip: Advanced data transfer technology

FLEX Saline:

  • Adopt saline: Suitable for long-term use
  • High durability: Suitable for long-term research and measurements


  • Adopts gel base: Flexible and lightweight, ideal for short-term use
  • High flexibility: Emphasis on comfort when wearing
  • Ideal for short-term use: Good for short sessions and quick experiments
*Set contents: (Left) FLEX Saline (Right) FLEX Gel


Features of brain monitoring using wireless EEG devices

  • High-density EEG measurement using a 32-channel saline mercury-silver chloride sensor for research
  • 9-axis motion sensor accurately detects head movements
  • Seamless connection with Emotiv PRO for 128Hz and 256Hz EEG data transfer on wireless devices
  • FLEX Cap's 74 apertures identify subjects' brain activity with high precision
  • High quality and reproducible data acquisition with common mode noise rejection
  • Flexible controller placement ensures comfortable wearing


Main Specifications

brainwave sensor
Type FLEX Saline FLEX Gel
EEG sensor Number of channels: up to 32 channels
Reference (CMS/DRL): Can be set at any position from 10-20 or on the ear
Data type: Raw EEG data and frequency band data (*requires use of Emotiv PRO)
brainwave signal sampling:
– Continuous sampling at 2048Hz
– Downsampling to 256SPS with dual ADCs
Motion resolution: 16 bits, (1LSB=0.51μV)
Bandwidth: 0.16 – 43Hz (AC power frequency removed by digital notch filter)
Dynamic range: 8400 μV(pp)
Coupling mode: AC coupling
Acquisition of time-synchronized EEG/ECG/EMG/EOG signals
Number of electrodes 32 recording electrodes, 2 reference electrodes 32 recording electrodes, 2 reference electrodes
sensor material 80 pieces of standard length felt, 20 pieces of long felt Sintered silver-silver chloride, compatible with gel
Size Felt pad diameter: 11mm
Rear refill opening: 2mm
Profile height: 3.5mm
Central opening diameter: 6mm
Wire length: 36cm


*For product details, please click on the image below to visit the manufacturer's website.



The FLEX Cap is made from a cozy black material and is available in three sizes: 54cm, 56cm and 58cm. Both types of FLEX 3 are based on the 2-10 system of electroencephalogram measurement and have 20 positions. There are two pockets under Cz and under Iz that can secure FLEX controllers for accurate measurements.

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