Special campaign information for AI model development workstations

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“Additional 1-year warranty campaign” for AI model development workstations

In particular, we have received many inquiries about the AI ​​field (machine learning, large-scale language model creation, etc.), which has been developing rapidly in recent years, and we feel that the scope of this field is expanding.
At TegusysSpecial project for customers introducing AI in research and developmentAs,
Limited time only until 12/27 (Wednesday)"1 year warranty additional campaign"It will be held.

For customers who request a quote from the campaign web form,
As a privilege``Extended warranty + 1 year'' is included in the quotation free of charge..
Leave it to Tegusys to resolve your concerns and issues related to the introduction of AI in research and development!

For example, do you have any problems like this?

"I'm thinking of introducing DeepLearning for the first time, but I don't know the optimal specs."

"I don't know if it's possible, but I have a configuration I'd like to try."

"I want a machine that can be operated under limited conditions such as power supply environment and installation location."

Please feel free to contact TEGSYS with any of these concerns.
Our experienced staff will respond courteously and help you solve your problems.
Also, please feel free to contact us with any concerns or issues that are not listed here.

Q. Is it possible to create a configuration with 4090 RTX4s?

A. It is possible!
Due to high power consumption, please prepare a 200V power supply environment.

Case No.PC-10880 Geforce RTX4090 x4 machine installed

Q. Can you discuss configurations suitable for machine learning using code developed in-house?

A. Please feel free to contact us!
We will listen to the information necessary to examine the specifications and guide you to the optimal configuration.

Case No.PC-10572 Machine for machine learning regarding earthquake motion

Q. Please suggest a high-spec AI machine that can be used in a 100V power supply environment!

A. We can make suggestions!
We recommend a configuration with two high-end video cards, RTX6000Adax.
Regarding other specifications, we will guide you through the best configuration to suit your needs.

Case No.PC-11248 AI development machine equipped with RTX6000Ada x2

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Please fill out the required information on the online quotation form and send it.
We will send you an estimate of the proposed configuration via email.
Please confirm your order and notify us by email.
We will deliver the product by courier.

For customers of schools, public institutions, and independent administrative agencies,
Issuing a 3-piece set of estimate/delivery note/invoice.

(Deferred payment due to corporate credit sales)

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