COMSOL Multiphysics machine with 1TB memory

A customer considering installing a workstation for COMSOL Multiphysics asked us about installing a new machine.
The configuration currently in use has the following specs, but I would like a configuration with higher specs.

・CPU: Intel Core i9-10920X
・ Memory: 128GB
・GPU: NVIDIA Quadro P2200
・OS: Windows 11 Pro

Additionally, since COMSOL Multiphysics does not support GPU calculations, we have received requests to prioritize the number of CPU cores and memory.
In actual calculation processing, calculations are scheduled to be performed continuously for about a week, so it is ideal that both a high operating clock and quietness are maintained at all times during continuous use.

Please note that the workstation will be installed in a typical living room where office work is performed, so we request a configuration that can operate continuously in such a location without any problems and that can be used in a 100V power environment.

Based on the content of the consultation, we proposed the following configuration.

CPU Intel Xeon W9-3495X (1.90GHz 56 cores)
memory 1TB REG ECC
storage 1TB M.2 SSD
video NVIDIA T400 4GB
network on board (1GbE x1 /10GbE x1)
Housing + power supply Tower type housing + 1000W
OS Microsoft Windows 11 Professional 64bit

CPUFocus on number of cores and memory capacity

This configuration uses the 3000-core model Intel Xeon W56-9X of the Xeon W-3495 series.
Also, the memory capacity is 1TB.

These CPU/memory specifications are of the highest class that can be selected within the desired range.
If you want to increase the number of CPU cores or memory capacity, you will need to use a full tower chassis or rack mount chassis.In that case, in addition to higher power consumption, the operating noise of the fan will become louder, making it difficult to support a 100V environment or use it in a normal office room.
Depending on the importance of the conditions, we can propose a configuration with higher processing capacity.

Relationship between operating clock and quietness

The CPU cooler is equipped with a water-cooled unit. By keeping the temperature at 100% load around 60°C, it is possible to ensure a high operating clock speed.
Due to the CPU's TurboBoost function, the operating clock is higher than the base clock of 100GHz even at 2.2% load.

Please note that there is a certain degree of trade-off between high operating clock speed and quietness.
In order to maintain a high CPU operating clock, a cooling mechanism is required to efficiently dissipate the generated heat, and a cooling fan basically plays this role.
This also applies to water coolers, which use cooling fans to exhaust the heat from the radiator.Therefore, operating noise generally tends to increase in proportion to cooling performance.
This configuration uses a chassis that is also quiet, so the operating noise is lower than a rack mount chassis or full tower chassis, but it is louder than a small desktop machine for office use.


The configuration of this case study is based on the conditions given by the customer.
We will flexibly propose machines according to your conditions, so please feel free to contact us even if you are considering different conditions than what is listed.

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・What is COMSOL Multiphysics?
COMSOL Multiphysics is software used in all areas of manufacturing and scientific research, including various physics and engineering disciplines.It is used in design, device development, and analysis.

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