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This time, we will introduce a service that procures the latest products from all over the world on behalf of customers involved in research and development."UNIPOS-"From among the products that you inquired about,A work efficiency tool specialized for drawing in the life science fieldWill introduce


Are you having trouble writing a paper or drawing a poster?

Are you spending too much time creating academic illustrations and graphics?

I will introduce this time"BioRender"is a website application for creating and sharing professional chemical diagrams. By utilizing BioRender's rich templates and excellent operability, the labor of drawing is greatly reduced.

Professional and beautiful life science diagrams, illustrations and graphics in just a few minutes! With simple drag-and-drop operations, you can quickly and easily create visually appealing schematic diagrams. This improves the efficiency of diagramming in research and educational activities, allowing for more efficient use of time.


This is the key point of BioRender!

  • Visualize complex scientific concepts and experimental methods in an easy-to-understand manner!
  • Improve drawing efficiency and save time!
  • Promote team collaboration!


Visualize complex scientific concepts and experimental methods in an easy-to-understand manner!

Visualize complex data and processes in an easy-to-understand manner. Improving the quality of your materials will make your explanations in papers and presentations more effective, providing clear information to readers and viewers, and making them easier to understand.

Streamline drawing and save time

templates and custom illustrationsRich libraryallows you to easily and quickly create academic illustrations and graphics. This will save you a lot of time. For the library, please refer to the manufacturer's website below.

Make scientific figures in minutes

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Fostering team collaboration

Comment and collaborate from BioRender Team on Vimeo.

BioRender is a cloud-based platform that allows multiple users to access it simultaneously to share their work and edit in real-time. This allows the entire team to create consistent illustrations and graphics to share opinions and information. The result is easier collaboration and feedback within your team, smoother collaboration, and more efficient project tracking.

It also improves the quality of your research projects and academic papers, and increases your productivity as a team.

BioRender usage example

  • Create diagrams of intracellular signaling pathways and easily insert them into your paper with drag and drop
  • Create diagrams showing the three-dimensional structure and binding sites of proteins and use them in presentations.
  • Quickly create diagrams that visually explain the principles of genome editing technology and incorporate them into educational materials
  • Create attractive and easy-to-understand posters that express scientific data and concepts with vivid illustrations


User example

Used by life sciences and medical researchers and educators, scientists, healthcare industry professionals, and R&D teams at pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

*Please refer to the following article if you wish.

Tegara Corporation platform

At Unipos, in addition to specialized software such as BioRender to effectively advance research and development, we also have a track record of procuring the latest hardware that has not yet been released in Japan. Additionally, we have the technical capabilities we have cultivated through custom PC production and good relationships with overseas vendors. In order to solve our customers' problems, we also focus on software and hardware support.

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