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An advanced vehicle simulation kit for Unity is available on the Unipos website.Vehicle Physics Propage has been added.

Vehicle Physics Pro (VPP) is an advanced Unity vehicle simulation kit for users with knowledge of vehicle mechanics, vehicle tuning, and vehicle setup techniques. It provides an accurate and complete vehicle dynamics model and also features a high degree of customization with add-on components. It provides efficient, fully realistic and accurate vehicle simulation for almost all vehicle types and configurations, including passenger cars, racing cars, heavy equipment and specialty vehicles.

Vehicle Physics Pro Main uses

  • Simulation training : Use in driving, emergency response training, and other vehicle-related education programs.
  • Research and Development : Development and testing of new vehicle technologies and safety systems in the automotive industry
  • Urban planning and traffic simulation : Simulate and analyze traffic flow and vehicle movement
  • Entertainment and video production : Create realistic vehicle chase scenes and action scenes for movie and video production
  • VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) applications : Providing a realistic and immersive vehicle experience in VR and AR environments
  • racing games : Experience the car's behavior under different terrain and weather conditions


License type

Vehicle Physics Pro (VPP) There are three types: "Community Edition", "Professional License", and "Enterprise License".

“Community Edition” is Unity Asset Store It is available for free. In addition, the paid versions "Professional License" and "Enterprise License" available at Unipos have advanced functions that are not available in the Community Edition, including extended functions such as custom add-ons, custom vehicles, and custom parts, as well as vehicle data measurement and real-time. It is possible to use tools that display performance in charts.

For a list of Vehicle Physics Pro's features and functions, please see the manufacturer's page below.

Features – Vehicle Physics Pro


Function correspondence table for each license (excerpt)

  Community Professional Enterprise
Vehicle controller and wheel collider components
Essential components such as telemetry, audio, anti-roll bars, keyboard input, visual effects, rolling friction, aerodynamics, etc.
Sample locations and vehicles
Number of wheels per vehicle 4 1–20 1-Unlimited
Number of vehicles running simultaneously per scene 1 無 制 限 無 制 限
Supported platforms desktop All All
Supports custom extensions such as custom add-ons, custom vehicles, custom parts, etc.  
Advanced telemetry tools such as real-time performance charts, weight distribution, etc.  
DirectInput controller with force feedback (Windows only)  
Compatible with XBox gamepad *360 and One (Windows only)  
complete source code    
Advanced simulation capabilities for multibody vehicles, solid and liquid cargo components, etc.    
Advanced vehicle control: electric, hybrid, two-wheeler, bulldozer, diesel-electric, tracking, hydraulic tracking    
Framework for AI and autonomous vehicles: autonomous driving, automated testing, path following, data export to CSV    
Motion platform support: D-Box, Simtools 2.0, CXC    

For the entire feature comparison table, please visit the manufacturer's website below.

Licensing – Vehicle Physics Pro – Compare editions


About License

  • Vehicle Physics Pro "Professional License" and "Enterprise License" are perpetual licenses. Includes 1 year of support and updates.
  • Professional License requires one license per developer (licenses are linked to individuals). Enterprise licenses are available for up to 1 developers per license. If you have 1 or more developers, we also have a Custom License, so please contact us.

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