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We offer some of the popular products handled by the overseas product procurement service Unipos as rental machines.

In addition to customers who want to try it for a week"I want to use it longer" "If the verification period is a little longer ..."In response to customer feedback such as, Unipos popular productsCan be rented on a monthly basisWe have started a rental service.

* Due to business days, the shipping date and return date may change.

If you want to use the demo machine (second-hand goods) as it is after the rental period ends, you can purchase it at the selling price minus the rental cost.

We will inform you about the selling price of the demo machine after inquiring from the form.In addition, although it is limited to the actual product, we sell the demo machine that is no longer available for rental as a used product.If you don't mindList of used products.

* When renting or purchasing, please contact us.PrecautionsPlease check before applying


Click the "Reservation here (external site)" link in the table below for a free weekly slot.
For paid rentals and purchases of second-hand goods for more than one monthForm at the bottom of this web pagethe SIM Application page.

Rental product list (1 month or 1 week)

product name Product image
Rental fee (tax included)
Please contact us for availability
Used price (tax included)
(Reservation site)
Femto Bolt

-  - Click here for reservation
Femto Mega

-  - Click here for reservation
Orbbec Gemini 2 -  - Click here for reservation
ZED 2 Stereo Camera

7,700JPY  - Click here for reservation
ZED 2i Stereo Camera
(w / o Polarizer)
8,800JPY - Click here for reservation
RealSense L515 9,900JPY - Click here for reservation
RealSense D455 6,600JPY - Click here for reservation
RealSense D435 5,500JPY - Click here for reservation
RealSense D415 4,950JPY - Click here for reservation
LIPS edge DL 5,500JPY - Click here for reservation
Astra Embedded S 4,400JPY
- Click here for reservation
Niryo Ned 39,600JPY
- -
Pupil Core 60,500JPY - Click here for reservation
Gigapan EPIC Pro V - - Click here for reservation
CarDAQ Plus2 - - Click here for reservation
ManusPrime II Haptic × × Click here for reservation


List of used products

product name Product image
Rental fee (tax included)
Used price (tax included)
(Reservation site)
Structure Sensor Mark II   × 82,280JPY ×


This service is for companies, research institutes, educational institutions, etc.
It is a service for R & D employees enrolled in various corporations.

In order for as many customers as possible to try the free tier for one week, rental is limited to "one user, one time for each product".In principle, we cannot accept the second loan of the same product.

* One month paid rental is possible multiple times if there is a vacancy in the product.

Free shipping on delivery and return (paid by our company)

If the reservation date is a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it will be delivered the next business day

In the unlikely event that the product breaks down due to falling, submerged, etc., if there is a malfunction in operation, or if you can not return it after the deadline, you may purchase it at our regular price

Please understand beforehand.


Reservation form

* Reservations and purchases are not confirmed at the time of submitting the form.

After making an inquiry, we will inform you of the availability of the product and the payment method, and it will be confirmed after consenting to the contents.

If the rental machine is full, you may not be able to rent it.Please note.

    I want to rent a productI want to buy second-hand goodsI would like to request an additional lineup (please enter in the remarks column)

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