Based on the management philosophy of "helping accelerate research and development," Tegara Corporation regularly enrolls as supporting members in academic societies in each research field and participates in academic conferences held across the country. .

When you come to the academic conference venue, all of our staff will be very happy if you stop by our booth.

List of academic conferences participating in corporate exhibitions in 2024

Society name Academic conference name Time & Date Venue Booth No.
 Japanese Society of Computer Chemistry Japan Society for Computer Chemistry 2024 Spring Annual Meeting August 2024th (Thursday) to 6th (Friday), 6 Tokyo Institute of Technology Ookayama West Building 9 2nd floor -
 Artificial Intelligence Society 2024 National Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence (38th) July 2024st (Tuesday) - 5st (Friday), 28 Act City Hamamatsu (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) 18
 Japan Society of Applied Physics [End] 71st Japan Society of Applied Physics Spring Academic Conference February 2024th (Fri) -3th (Mon), 22 Tokyo City University Setagaya Campus E-47
 Japan Institute of Metals [End]Japan Institute of Metals 2024 Spring 174th Conference 2024 years 3 month 13 Date (water) Tokyo University of Science Katsushika Campus -

Last updated: May 2024, 5 (updated from time to time)