Tegara Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our company") strives to operate its business in compliance with relevant laws and other norms based on the philosophy of respecting the personality of the individual personal information held by the company, in accordance with the following basic policy, We will endeavor to protect the personal information of our customers.

Collection of personal information

We ask you to provide your personal information in the following cases.

  • Inquiries and applications for various services
  • Answer to questionnaire
  • Others (If you use a service other than the above to obtain your personal information, we will clearly inform you of its purpose, content, and handling of personal information.)

Using Personal Information

The personal information we acquire will be used only between you and us for the following purposes.

  • Information and sales activities related to our products and services
  • Contact us about the latest information on our website and our products, seminars and exhibitions
  • Survey request for surveys
  • Comprehension and analysis of our usage status and planning and improvement of services
  • Providing information related to the business activities of the Company and its affiliates
  • Personalize websites and email services
  • Use in recruiting activities
  • Business card input
  • Responding to inquiries

About cookies

Cookie is a function to store the usage history and input contents sent and received between the browser and the server in your computer when you browse the website. If you allow the sending and receiving of cookies in your browser settings, we may obtain cookies stored on your computer and link the collected activity history with personal information. In addition, the Company shall refer to the cookies stored on the customer's computer via a third party or a website other than the Company to which the Company outsources advertisement distribution, etc., and carry out advertisement distribution/promotion and sales activities of the Company's services. there is.

Customers can configure the settings for sending and receiving cookies by setting the browser. If you set to reject cookies, you may not be able to receive some services provided by us.

Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To analyze the usage status of your website, improve the performance of the website itself, and improve and improve the services we provide to you.
  • To investigate the usage of our website and to improve advertising, marketing and services
  • To deliver notifications when a person who has visited our website in the past visits a specific page based on the browsing information of our website.Also for use in sales activities and advertisement display

For cookie management, please check the link below.

Provision and disclosure of personal information

Personal information provided by customers will be handled carefully and will not be provided or disclosed to a third party except in the following cases.

  • When outsourcing the business required for business operation (In this case, a non-disclosure agreement is necessarily signed with the business outsourcing party.)
  • When the customer has given their prior consent and consent
  • When there is a request based on laws and regulations
  • Other

In addition, if the customer wishes to disclose, correct, or suspend the use of personal information, we will confirm the identity of the individual using the procedures prescribed by the Company, and then disclose or correct the information. We will stop using it.

If you would like to change or correct the registered content of your personal information, please contact the following inquiries.

Security measures

On our website, we ask you to enter and send your personal information when making inquiries.

For the safety of personal information, we take reasonable safety measures from both management and system operation sides to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc.

This website adopts secure communication processing using SSL encryption to protect personal information. During SSL communication, SSL encryption between the web server and your browser protects against eavesdropping, tampering, and spoofing by third parties.


If there are any changes to the contents of this page, we will notify you on the website.

Inquiries about personal information protection policy

The inquiries regarding the handling of personal information on our website are as follows.

[Tegara Corporation]
435-0045 Hosojimacho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 8-3
Telephone/053-468-2655 Reception hours/Weekdays 9:00-18:00